Welcome to the Bacik Company of New York!

Where you can find everything for your kitchen table…

Bacik provides you with over 20 years of experience of an unwavering dedication to quality, constant commitment to our customers and a strong work ethic, the company is growing and extending to the preeminent distributor and wholesaler of Polish delicatessen. Today, an organization that started out as a modest supplier of meat and cold cuts has grown to two central locations in Brooklyn, NY. We offer a diverse and wide range of premium products with a friendly decidedly European focus, including, gourmet meats, sausages, dairy products, preserver fruits and vegetables, and variety of pickles, all natural honey and other Polish specialties. The recent opening of a second location in Brooklyn, NY has expanded our ability to provide many fine delicacies to customers in US. Our Customers from states know that we are committed to giving our customers superior quality for superior price.

The mission of Bacik is a committed dedication to providing our customers with a superior level of service and the freshest, safest and tastiest products available and to bring Best of Poland to everyone's kitchen.

We are pleased to offer a wide selection of goods including:

  • Over 200 different types of Sausage and Cold Cuts: Kielbasa, Ham, Bacon, Headcheese, Pork Loin, Deli Loaf
  • Dairy Products: Cheeses and Yogurts
  • A variety of Pickles
  • Preserved Fruits and Vegetables
  • All Natural Honey
  • other Polish specialties


Our smoked meats are cooked slowly and naturally over smoke from selected hardwoods- the traditional way. Unlike some other meat processors, we use no artificial smoke flavoring or artificial additives. You can taste the difference!

Bacik takes pride in delivering a multitude of bulk and pre-packaged high quality meat.

*In addition, we are pleased to announce our new health conscious line that contains no preservatives. Chemical free and all natural…Bacik gives you delicious foods that are also good for you.

Bacik’s combination of high quality products, traditional style recipes and affordable prices is the ideal recipe for success.

Try Bacik’s products once…keep us forever!