Bacik - Polish speciality

With over 20 years of experience and expertise in the wholesale business, Bacik is, quite simply, the trusted source for the finest Polish products available on the market today. It is no surprise that hundreds of restaurants, stores and specialty retail markets rely on BACIK each day - to inspire their culinary imagination and tempt the taste buds of their customers that can taste the difference. You will not find ham like the Bacik Ham anywhere in the world - smoked and cooked in the traditional Polish way, with a delicate taste and perfect tenderness - it is our specialty. Bacik is our special pride. Its top quality has been confirmed by many awards in Poland and abroad.

This is a first-class quality brand, developed for years, attracts customers all over the world. Bacik products are exported to several countries and for an American housewife the name Bacik stands for the best ham in the world.

We traditionally enjoy it on our tables during family occasions and season's celebrations. Thanks to many years of experience and unmatched understanding of culinary arts, Bacik offers its customers top quality and unique taste. But we must remember that Bacik is not only ham, but also other high-class meat products.

The best raw materials, strict quality control, state-of-the-art manufacturing technology traditional, polish recipes - these are all elements of the product of which we are truly proud.

Bacik controls its products from manufacturing through distribution to store shelves. We are proud to deliver our superior quality products to New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania.